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No, however, we do offer individual card readers if you prefer this solution. Generally, this is the more expensive option with limited capabilities and why Bubblepay was born. We can certainly help you if you want to add a card reader to your vending machine, coffee machine, pool table or any other machine that you could imagine.

The Bubblepay Kiosk will continue to run and take payments even if your internet is down. One of the significant benefits Bubblepay has over its competitors.

Usually yes, but please reach out to us to confirm.

Of course not! You can choose to have both card & coin or go completely cashless.

Yes, the Bubblepay portal allows you to update pricing, machines, create specials & more. You also have access to customise your kiosk to suit your business look and feel, all from your phone, tablet or computer.

The time varies to how complex your system is and how quickly you can provide the appropriate information. However, the usual turnaround time is 2-3 weeks from payment to dispatch.

We have different kiosk models and options. The majority of our measurements are on our technology page. However, have something else in mind, we can do a custom kiosk especially for you.

Yes, we can connect to most brands and models. So it doesn’t matter if you mix and match.

Yes, our readers accept payments via Tap n Go. In addition, you can use Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Smart Phones & Watches & more.

Yes, if branding is essential to you. We can add your logo or create custom branding to make you stand out from the crowd. So talk to us today with your ideas and love to chat about bringing them into life.

Yes, once the kiosk has been installed, we can simply add or remove any machines at any time.

With the Bubblepay Kiosk, there is no clunky apps, no painful wallets & no confusing QR codes.

Yes, a little module we call MICs gets installed into each washer or dryer that talks to our kiosk. Please take a look at our technology page for more info.

Yes, with Shopping Cart enabled, your customers can pay for multiple machines in the one transaction.

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