Harness the power of advanced software and hardware to take your business to new heights.
Join the future of laundromat management

The Customer Kiosk – Redefined

Bubblepay’s kiosks get attention – and that’s a good thing. Our large screen brings your laundromat to life with mesmerizing graphics, a responsive touch screen, and fast and flexible payments. Draw customers in and build loyalty through messaging about time of day pricing, promotions, and even subscriptions. Your customers–and your revenue–will bubble with joy.

Live Your Life, Run Your Business

With our cloud-based software, your business doesn’t have to run your life. You can run your business on your terms. Bubblepay lets you control machines, check on your financials, and keep on top of operations, from anywhere, at any time. Our integration with SMRT means you have industry-leading software tools right at your fingertips along with a best-in-class support team.

Redefine Customer Experience

Leave The Heavy Lifting To Us

When it comes to installation or maintenance, Bubblepay does the heavy lifting. Our team comes to you with everything you need to transform your business. Just sit back and we’ll get your hardware installed, your software launched, and make sure you’re comfortable with it all. Once you’re up and running we offer 24/7 support, no questions asked.

Why Bubblepay?

Digitise your business and bring it into the 21st century

Live 24 hour reporting

Works on any Machine

No clunky apps, no painful wallets or confusing QR codes

Remote start your machines from anywhere in the world

Reduce coin theft

Business Analytics

Simple to set up and
easy to use

Plug and Play so you’ll be up and running in no time

Accepts Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, Apple Pay, GPay & more

Customisable to lock in with your business branding

EMV certified to the highest level of security standards

No lock-in contracts

Have a question?
We have the answer!

No, however, we do offer individual card readers if you prefer this solution. Generally, this is the more expensive option with limited capabilities and why Bubblepay was born. We can certainly help you if you want to add a card reader to your vending machine, coffee machine, pool table or any other machine that you could imagine.

The Bubblepay Kiosk will continue to run and take payments even if your internet is down. One of the significant benefits Bubblepay has over its competitors.

Yes, the Bubblepay portal allows you to update pricing, machines, create specials & more. You also have access to customise your kiosk to suit your business look and feel, all from your phone, tablet or computer.

Yes, we can connect to most brands and models. So it doesn’t matter if you mix and match.

Yes, if branding is essential to you. We can add your logo or create custom branding to make you stand out from the crowd. So talk to us today with your ideas and love to chat about bringing them into life.

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