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“So a Laundromat owner and a mechatronics engineer walk into a bar…”

Kristian opened his first Laundromat around 10 years ago.

It was doing well, until a competitor opened up a Laundromat 400 meters away. They offered a basic cashless option, and as Kristian’s Laundromat was still cash only, overnight, he started losing around $1,000 a week in turnover.

Kristian went looking for a better solution but quickly found that all the options out there were either clunky for customers to use, prohibitively expensive to install, or the ongoing fees were too high. On top of this, there was nothing that worked with and complimented the branding of his Laundromat.

What Kristian was after was an elegant, simple to use, central payment kiosk where customers could select the machines and pay for them all from the central kiosk. Kristian spoke to many people in the industry who said that what he was after couldn’t be done, which was both frustrating and disheartening.

One night while out with friends, Kristian was relaying his frustrations at not being able to find the product he was after. Not willing to let a challenge go unanswered, Kristian’s engineer friends said, “Why don’t we design and make one with you?”. Fast forward a few months and Matt and Kristian had developed their first prototype system which was installed at Kristian’s Laundromat.

The prototype system had only been installed for a month before Kristian received a call from John, a Laundromat owner in the northern suburbs of Melbourne saying he loved the kiosk and asking if he could have one for himself.

After installing a system for John, Kristian received another call from someone only two week later who saw the kiosk at John’s store, and pretty quickly it snowballed into having kiosks all around Australia.

The growth of Bubblepay has so far been driven by word of mouth, with many Laundromat owners discovering Bubblepay through existing satisfied clients – a testament to the quality of the Bubblepay experience.

From humble beginnings, Bubblepay has grown into more than just a cashless payment system

We are more than just a cashless solution for your business – we are a family. We listen to our customers’ needs and deliver solutions tailored to them. We provide advice and direction in the Laundromat industry for clients who want to make more money from their laundry.

We have frequent networking nights with our Bubblepay family where we listen to feedback and discuss where the industry is heading. We never ‘get tired’ of hearing the success stories from the clients who have implemented our systems and followed our suggestions. We love our clients and if it were not for them, we wouldn’t be here today.

Our vision has always been to provide the best system possible while keeping the costs down for our clients, and our mission is to make you and your business more money.

Our team brings a wide range of skills to the table. We design and build our systems in house, allowing us to keep quality control at the highest level as well as incorporating new features based on customers’ feedback and requests.

Our software engineers are the best of the best and love innovation. They pride themselves in bringing the best Laundromat payment, analytics and marketing platform to your business.

Taking electronic payments is only the beginning of what Bubblepay can do for you!

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