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The Era of App Fatigue: 

Amidst growing app fatigue, consumers are embracing tap-and-go cashless solutions for their simplicity and efficiency. This trend reflects a desire for less cluttered, more user-friendly payment methods. The article delves into this shift, highlighting solutions like Bubblepay's Cashless Laundromat System, which offers a seamless, app-free transaction experience.

Why Winter Is Your Hot Season

Winter brings increased demand for laundry services as people spend more time indoors and require professional care for their blankets and doonas. By promoting your laundromat with winter-themed specials like discounted doona cleaning or coupon codes, you can attract new customers while retaining existing ones. Utilise social media and targeted email campaigns to spread the word and ensure your laundromat shines during the cold months ahead. Don't miss the opportunity to make your business a winter laundry destination!

Why Are Laundromats Migrating To Electronic Payment Systems? Here Are The Top Reasons

Credit card readers have become increasingly prominent over the years. From using physical fiat currency, to being able to make a purchase, with just one tap!

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